Rotten, draughty, hard to operate sliding windows?
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If you love the period charm and heritage innate in your wooden sliding sash windows but hate the draughts, rattles, rot and heat loss that can also be part and parcel with an older property then you need help from the experts. You can trust RD sash and case.

Some History

Dating back over 300 years sash windows as we recognise them today have steadily evolved as technology and fashion have changed. At one time, due to a punitive window tax, the size of your panes was seen as an indicator of your wealth and interestingly the design was influenced by the Great Fire of London when post fire legislation required the windows to be recessed in to the brick work.

How do Sash & Case windows work?

Sash and case windows consist of two glazed timber-framed components, the ‘sashes’, which slide up and down in channels in the surrounding ‘case’. The channels are formed by the case and two strips of timber called the ‘baton rod’ and ‘parting bead’. Sashes are usually hung on ropes called ‘sash cords’, or occasionally on brass chains, which pass over pulleys in the top of the case. The sash cords are connected to lead or iron counter weights hidden within the surrounding case. These weights counter-balance the heavy sashes, making it easier to open and close them, whilst also enabling the sashes to safely stay open in any position.

Why choose restoration?

Traditional timber sash windows are an essential feature of a period buildings character. Therefore it is vital to retain them, not only because of the aesthetic appeal, but because they add value to your property. Also known as a sliding sash or vertical sliders, they rely on a weighted system that allows the heavy sashes to lift and fall with ease. In order for the sashes to move in the box and operate smoothly there is a 3mm gap between the sash and the frame which is often the cause of draughts, rattles, dust and rain ingress and heat loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my sash windows last for years to come, or should I consider full replacement?

A. The vast majority of sash windows in Edinburgh can be fully refurbished and will outlast a modern replacement. Georgian and Victorian sash windows have been manufactured from slow grown pine which is a far stronger, more durable timber. When your sash windows are fully refurbished they will last another 100 years – as long as the exterior paintwork is maintained.

Q. Does Draught proofing windows help with making my home more energy efficient?

A. As part of the draught proofing process, baton rods and parting beads are replaced with new timbers that have an integrated brush system. The midrail of the bottom sash also has a routed weatherseal fitted. All of this stops heat loss and dramatically increases the thermal efficiency of your windows.
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